8 Benefits of Adopting a Pet from a Shelter or Rescue

8 Benefits of Adopting a Pet from a Shelter or Rescue

by Scritch

You’re ready to add a new pet to the family, which means you are likely busy researching what supplies you’ll need, the best size and breed for your family, and all the other logistics that accompany life with a pet. Where you plan to find your new pet is one very important factor to consider, and adopting a shelter or rescue pet should be at the top of your list. Here’s why:

You are saving a life.

Rescue and shelter animals have unknown futures. By taking one in as your own, you are giving this animal a second chance and a loving home. Additionally, it opens space at the shelter for another animal in need.

They’ll be your companion for life.

Your new pet offers the promise of unconditional love, emotional support, a warm welcome when you come home each day and, most importantly, snuggles. 

Rescue pets have already been vetted.

In most cases, the dog or cat you adopt has already been examined by a veterinarian, spayed or neutered, microchipped, and they have received their initial vaccinations. This means you don’t have to worry about vet visits right away and instead can take them home and enjoy getting to know your new pal. 

(Most) rescue pets are potty trained.

Unless you are adopting a young kitten or puppy, your new pet is likely to already be housetrained. This means you won’t need to worry about taking them out every 1-2 hours and cleaning up accidents.  

Their temperament is known.

Pets that have aged past the “baby” stage of their lives have established their personalities. This makes it easier to find one that matches with your lifestyle, whether you want a pet with a slower pace of life vs. one that will accompany you on activities, or pets that are especially cuddly vs. those that prefer their own physical space. Another perk is that many rescue pets already have basic obedience training under their belts.

You’re supporting pet rescue efforts.

By not giving your business to puppy mills or backyard breeders, you are helping reduce the demand for pets bred in poor living conditions. Adopting from a shelter or rescue supports pet rescue efforts as a whole.

Your physical health can improve.

Life with a pet usually means more exercise, whether it’s dog walks, playing with kitty toys or, at the very least, getting up more frequently to feed and clean up after your pet. Additionally, studies have shown that pets help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Your mental health can improve.

Interacting with pets can help reduce stress, according to the Center for Human-Animal Interaction at Virginia Commonwealth University. Other studies have proven the positive effects of pets on anxiety, depression, and the formation of friendships and social support networks.

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