Brittany Spaniel | Dog Breed Guide

Brittany Spaniel | Dog Breed Guide

by Scritch

The Brittany Spaniel is a bright and energetic dog who requires a lot of exercise. He’s a good hunting partner, a dog sport teammate or a devoted companion who enjoys the outdoors.

Weight: 30-40 pounds 

Height: 17.5-20.5 inches

Life Expectancy: 12-14 years

Group: Sporting group

Temperament: bright, energetic, playful

Energy Level:

Ease of Training:

Grooming Requirements:

History and Personality

The Brittany Spaniel is an affectionate and athletic bird dog who hails from Brittany, the French province in western France. The first record of the Brittany is in paintings and tapestries from the 17th century. The Brittany was introduced to the U.S. in 1931. 

The coat of the Brittany Spaniel varies in color, and may be orange and white, liver (reddish brown) and white, black and white, or liver or black tricolor. He has floppy ears and a short tail. The dog’s dense coat features feathery highlights on the chest and legs. 

The Brittany is good with children and other pets. Because of his high energy, he enjoys a lot of play. He is easily trained and eager to please, and his energy can be channeled into dog sports such as agility, dock diving, field trials, obedience or flyball events. As with other breeds, early training and socialization are important. 

He’s not very vocal but if left alone for long periods he may complain. A big back yard is great for the Brittany. He won’t be content to be in a small space such as an apartment. He’s better suited to the outdoors, whether it be playing with his people, or going on a hike or a run.


Since his coat is mostly short, the Brittany needs little in the way of grooming. He doesn’t shed much, so giving him a brushing once a week to remove excess fur is all he needs. Of course, you’ll want to clip his nails, brush his teeth, and give him the occasional bath.

Energy Level

The Brittany is a high-energy dog who was bred to hunt, so he needs a lot of exercise. He would be a good hiking or running partner and would excel at dog sports including dock diving, flyball, agility and field trials.

Health Concerns

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye problems

Health conditions to be aware of among Brittany Spaniels include hip dysplasia and eye diseases such as glaucoma. Fortunately, pet health insurance can cover the veterinary costs associated with these conditions provided enrollment occurs before symptoms appear.