Can Cats Eat Beans?

Can Cats Eat Beans?

by Scritch

The quick answer: Not recommended.

Technically, a cat can eat beans, but they are not necessary for a cat to get the nutrients they need and could potentially cause digestive troubles.

Benefits of beans

There can be some benefits to feeding beans to cats, but you should speak with your veterinarian before changing your cat’s diet. 

Beans are high in fiber and low in calories. In some special cases, the extra fiber may help with digestive issues, and beans can help as part of a weight loss plan. Again, don’t change your cat’s diet without first consulting your vet. Drastically changing your cat’s diet can cause problems with digestion and malnutrition.


As an obligate carnivore, your cat’s digestive system is well-equipped to process meats, but not much else. Though humans can benefit from the nutrients and proteins found in beans, a cat’s digestive system cannot process these in the same way we do. Feeding beans to your cat could cause tummy troubles like vomiting, gas and diarrhea.

Plain, cooked beans are the safest to share with a cat. Never feed raw beans, or those that contain added salt, sweeteners, or spices, such as baked beans, canned beans and refried beans.

Beans as a treat

For most cats, if they like beans, then you can give them one bean as an occasional treat. Plain, cooked beans like green beans, black beans, and pinto beans should be safe to share with your cat, if she likes them. If your cat comes running for beans, then it should be safe to share one to three beans with her.

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