Can Cats Eat Honey?

Can Cats Eat Honey?

by Scritch

The quick answer: No, cats should not eat honey.

We often think of honey as an ingredient that’s helpful for an upset stomach or sore throat, so you might be tempted to offer some to your kitty when she’s feeling under the weather. However, you should refrain from letting your cat eat honey.

While your cat might want to try some honey, her body can’t digest it. Honey is extremely rich in fructose and glucose (i.e. sugar), which little cat bodies cannot handle. Even though honey is full of natural (as opposed to artificial) sugars, it’s still too intense for most cats. (Also, many mass-produced honeys these days are still using artificial sugars to cut down on costs.) Additionally, sugar provides no nutritional value to cats, so there is no benefit to them eating honey.

Don’t worry about your cat missing out on the sweet flavor, either, because cats cannot detect the taste of sweet foods on their tongues! (Source: Scientific American)


Ingesting honey could cause diarrhea, vomiting, a spike in insulin levels, or weight gain in most cats. For obese cats or kittens with underdeveloped immune systems, raw honey could prove fatal. 

If your cat ingests honey and shows any of these symptoms, see your veterinarian as quickly as possible.


Make sure all your honey containers are securely sealed shut, and make sure kitty is kept at a distance when you’re preparing foods with honey.

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