Can Cats Eat Mango?

Can Cats Eat Mango?

by Scritch

The quick answer: Yes, cats can safely eat small amounts of mango.

Everyone loves mangos, and your cat just might enjoy them too. Cats love to poke around at our foods as we prepare and enjoy them, so your cat might have explored a mango or two as you prepared it during the warmer months. Not to worry-mangos are perfectly healthy for cats.

Benefits of mango

The health benefits of mangos for cats are slightly different than the health benefits of mangos for humans. For example, mangos are full of vitamin C which is a huge draw for many humans. However, cats’ bodies independently produce all their own vitamin C and do not need additional help. Similarly, mangos are packed with fiber, but healthy cats don’t typically need more fiber in their diet.

What is beneficial to cats in a mango then? It’s all the vitamin A and vitamin B-6. Vitamin A boosts your cat’s immune system, which improves and prolongs its life. Vitamin B-6 helps your cat’s body absorb protein and fat, which will help your cat get even more benefits from his daily servings of cat food.


While mango is safe to share with cats, they should still only eat a small amount. Limit your cat to no more than a small taste of mango per day. More than that could upset his stomach due to the high sugar and fiber content. Monitor your cat’s behavior after introducing him to mango, as some cats might have unpleasant reactions to this delicious fruit.

Additionally, make sure to avoid dried or sweetened mangos as cats are unable to digest artificial sugar and this could cause damage to your cat’s stomach and intestines.