Scritch Feature: Discover

Scritch Feature: Discover

by Scritch

Did you know: Scritch has many awesome features and resources for pet parents. The Discover tab is one of the main areas of our app and website, and is home to a wealth of dog and cat knowledge.

In this section, you’ll discover all kinds of helpful articles. Topics include:

Pet news and featured articles

Keep up with the latest in our weekly roundup of pets in the news as well as pet food recalls. You’ll also find interesting and timely topics, like the best dog beaches in every state, how to make a pet first aid kit and more.

Dog training and behavior

Learn training techniques and tips. Follow the steps to teach your dog something new starting with the basics all the way up to unique party tricks. Featuring guest articles and videos from expert dog trainer, Doggy Dan.

Cat behavior

Understand your cat’s body language and quirky behaviors. Why do cats knead, stare, or drool? What does catnip do to a cat? Find answers to these questions and more.

Cat and dog care

Dive into pet health, including specific medical conditions faced by dogs and cats. Learn about pet nutrition, find homemade treat recipes, and see which human foods pets can and can’t eat.

New pet guide

We’ll help you choose the right dog or cat breed based on your home and lifestyle. Topics also include how to prepare for a new pet, training them, and introducing your new pet to existing pets and family members.

Product reviews

We’ve done the leg work to bring you all of the best dog and cat products from wet and dry food to toys, trackers, vacuums, cameras and more.

Dog and cat breed guides

Meet the breed! View individual breed profiles to learn more about a dog or cat breed’s history, temperament, energy level, and grooming requirements.

New articles are added every day, so check back to keep learning something new about the wonderful world of pets. The Discover section is available both on our website and with the Scritch app on iOS or Android.

Other Scritch features

This is just one of the many helpful features Scritch has to offer. Learn about other Scritch features: