Scritch Feature: Pet Camera (App only)

Scritch Feature: Pet Camera (App only)

by Scritch

Did you know: Scritch has many awesome features and resources for pet parents. One of these features is the pet camera on our mobile app, available for both iOS and Android. The pet camera is equipped with all the bells and whistles, quite literally! Here’s what you’ll find.

Sound effects

It can be challenging to get your pet’s attention when you want to take a photo of them. Some pets are naturally photogenic, while other pet parents are left with blurry photos of the back of their pet’s head. With our app’s camera function, you can now use unique sound effects to get your pet’s attention! Choose from a doorbell, bark, whistle, or squeaker sound to capture the perfect head tilt photo. (Of course, you can always choose ‘mute’ if your pet gets too excited by these sounds.)


Just like your favorite social networks, we’ve added photo filter options so you can change the color and look of your photo. Bring out your pet’s best side by trying on different filters to find the perfect look, or stick with the photo’s original coloring.

Photo stickers

Decorate your pet pics with cute stickers: now you don’t have to worry about your pet pawing at that adorable bow tie or those silly sunglasses because you can simply use stickers to add them after you’ve taken the picture! In addition to photobooth-style “props,” there are also affectionate phrases, and dog and cat toy stickers.

Once you’ve got the perfect photo, add a caption and share it to the Scritch community feed!

Try it for yourself! Download the Scritch app on iOS or Android.

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