Scritch Feature: Store Pet Care Notes and Vet Records

Scritch Feature: Store Pet Care Notes and Vet Records

by Scritch

Did you know: Scritch has many awesome features and resources for pet parents. One of these features is the ability to easily store and share pet care notes and vet records. 

If you’ve ever left your pet with a sitter, you’ve probably gone through the process of writing out your pet’s schedule and care instructions. Scritch keeps all of this information in one easy-to-access spot with the ability to share all of this information with those who need it. No more digging around for that piece of paper with your pet’s care instructions, or having to sit down and write it all out every time you need to leave your pet with someone new!

In addition to care notes, you can also store all of your pet’s vet records including invoices, prescriptions, vaccination dates—anything and everything you want to keep track of. The mobile app makes it even easier; you can use your phone’s camera to snap photos of your documents and easily upload them to your account.

What kind of information can I store?

We cover all of the important details about your pet. In your Scritch account, you can save your pet’s:

  • Basic information: breed, sex, birthdate, age, microchip number, spayed/neutered status, special markings
  • Personality: whether or not they get along with people and other pets, whether or not they are house trained
  • Routine: feeding schedule, medications, walks, playtime
  • Vets: primary vet and emergency vet contact information
  • Vet records: keep track of all of your pet’s vet visits
  • Pet insurance: carrier and policy number

How to add or edit pet notes and vet records:

  1. On the app or website, log in with your username and password
  2. Click on Pets
  3. Click View/Edit Details beneath your pet’s name
  4. From here, you can edit each of the sections related to your pet’s feeding schedule, medications, vet, etc.
  5. To add or edit vet records, click on the Records tab.* Enter the information, select a pet to associate with the records, then click Save.

*When adding vet records, we recommend using the mobile app so you can simply snap photos of your pet’s papers with your phone’s camera and easily upload them. If you are adding records via the website, you’ll need to have digital copies of your pet’s records stored on your computer and ready to upload.

How to share pet care notes:

  1. Log in and click on the Pets tab
  2. Click View/Edit Details beneath your pet’s name
  3. Click Share Pet Details
  4. Your recipient will get a link to a PDF document that contains all of the information you entered.

From the app, you have the option to share via text or email; from the website you can share via email.

How to share vet records:

  1. Under the Pets tab, click Records.
  2. Click on the share icon next to the records you wish to share.

From the app, you can share via text or email; from the website your records will open in a new browser tab and you can copy and paste the URL in an email, text, etc.

Send your pet’s care instructions or vet records to pet sitters, dog walkers, groomers, friends, family—anyone who needs to be in-the-know!

Create a free Scritch account to use this and other great Scritch features on our website or download the Scritch app on iOS or Android.

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