Miniature American Shepherd | Dog Breed Guide

Miniature American Shepherd | Dog Breed Guide

by Scritch

The mini-sized offspring of the Australian Shepherd is agile, smart, and skilled at any dog job you give them.

Weight – Female: 20-30 pounds; Male: 25-40 pounds

Height – Female: 13-17 inches; Male: 14-18 inches

Life Expectancy: 10-13 years

Group: Herding group

Temperament: bright, energetic

Energy Level:

Ease of Training:

Grooming Requirements:

History and Personality

The American Kennel Club denotes Mini American Shepherds to be herding dogs, despite their smaller size. This dog is newer to the mix, and was bred from small Australian Shepherds to create a more compact version of the breed. They were even called Mini Aussies for a time (and many still use that name for the breed), but their official name has shifted to reflect their American birthplace. 

Beautifully furry and whip smart, these shaggy friends were born to interact with herd animals and help get them from their pastures to their pens with minimal issues. For this reason, shepherd breeds like this need dedicated training and special attention. Behavioral problems for working dogs often sprout from boredom.

With so much fur, you have a hardy dog that can accompany you outside on long adventures but also enjoys cuddle sessions and family time. They’re very devoted to their humans and with appropriate training they do well with all types of active families and other pets. 

Yards and activities are a must for Miniature American Shepherds. The confines of an apartment just don’t translate into the farm jobs they were bred for, as they are loving but very energetic pets. It’s not advised for homebodies to home such dogs.

This shaggy-coated breed comes in a variety of spotted, freckled, and mixed expressions. They can be red, blue, black and white, merle, or a blend of many of these traits.


Super furry Mini American Shepherds need frequent brushing to contain shedding in the household. They have an undercoat that can create matted parts if not detangled, especially during season changes.

Energy Level

Miniature American Shepherds are not for people who stay indoors or can’t provide the amount of play and stimulation that these dogs require. This breed is one of high energy and higher intelligence, so consider these needs.

Health Concerns

  • Hip Dysplasia 
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease
  • Deafness 

Keep hips in tip top shape with appropriate exercise that is low impact. Be sure your breeder is aware of the risk of Von Willebrand’s disease in their lineage. Insure your Miniature American Shepherd to help keep expenses under control throughout their lifetime, especially if the dog is doing farm work or spends a great deal of time outdoors.