Pet News Roundup: February 14, 2019

Pet News Roundup: February 14, 2019

by Scritch

Take a look at the latest dog and cat news for this week, including hot topics, pet food recalls, and fun reads.

Frozen cat covered in ice survives after vets rally to thaw her - Fluffy the indoor/outdoor cat was found covered in chunks of ice due to an injury. She was rushed to the vet and survived.

Dogs Diagnosed a Common Life-Threatening Disease Just by Smelling Socks - It appears that dogs can be trained to identify people infected with malaria, simply by sniffing their socks.

The Camp Fire Victims Still Need Your Help - Though the disaster has faded from the news, animal hospitals and rescue groups still need help caring for misplaced pets. 

Behind the Scenes at Westminster: Dog Show Curiosities, Secrets, and (Sometimes Unusual) Grooming Habits - Take a peek behind the scenes of the February 11th dog show.

Tesla's new 'dog mode' tells people that your pet is OK in the car - The carmaker rolled out "dog mode" through a software update, a feature which keeps the air-conditioning running and tells passersby that your pet is OK through the centre screen.

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