Pet News Roundup: February 28, 2019

Pet News Roundup: February 28, 2019

by Scritch

Take a look at the latest dog and cat news for this week, including hot topics, pet food recalls, and fun reads.

Dog reunited with family 101 days after California wildfire - The family got a call after animal rescue volunteer Ben Lepe trapped Kingston on Sunday and took him to Friends of Camp Fire Cats, a local rescue group.

This Adorable Dog Shoveling Snow Puts Your Freeloading Pet To Shame - Rossi the pup pitched in and helped clean up after heavy snow hit Boston Monday.

Allow us to introduce you to 2019's hottest new artist: the auto-tune cat - Disney artist Joaquin Baldwin auto-tuned the insistent cries of his cat Elton into a freeform, T-Pain-inspired jam.

Science: Talking to Your Dog Means You're Smart, Not Crazy - Experts suggest talking to pets - or plants or gadgets - is a sign of intelligence.

Pair of Minnesota Dogs Called 911 More Than a Dozen Times - A pair of home alone dogs had access to a cell phone set to “emergency only” calls and took advantage of the opportunity.

Dogs have personalities that can change just like humans’ - A new study suggests that canine personalities aren’t set in stone and, just like humans, they can go through dramatic personality changes based on life events.

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