Pet News Roundup: August 22, 2019

Pet News Roundup: August 22, 2019

by Scritch

Take a look at the latest dog and cat news for this week, including hot topics, pet food recalls, and fun reads.


New "Vaccine" Could Stop People Having Allergic Reactions to Cats - Scientists from the University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland, claim to have invented a "vaccine" for cats that will put an end to their owner's misery.

‘Pupchella’ Is the Ultimate Festival for Dogs — Complete With Fur-friendly Tattoos and Flower Crowns - In August, Paséa Hotel & Spa, located in Huntington Beach, California, along with Vanderpump Dogs, hosted the very first Pupchella.

Service dogs watch live musical as part of training - A polite crowd of about a dozen future service dogs attended an August performance at Ontario's Stratford Festival as part of their training.

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