Pet News Roundup: August 29, 2019

Pet News Roundup: August 29, 2019

by Scritch

Take a look at the latest dog and cat news for this week, including hot topics, pet food recalls, and fun reads.


Owning a Dog Could Boost Heart Health, Say Scientists - Dog owners were more likely to exercise, have an ideal diet and blood glucose level than those who didn't.

Pet dog survives 45 days living off seaweed after fall from 550ft cliff - A Shar Pei escaped his leash and ran over a cliff edge. Incredibly, the dog was discovered alive.

Dog attacked by river otters, Penticton owner says - While out for a walk, lab mix, Penny went for a swim and was then attacked by four river otters.

Blue-Green Algae That Can Kill Dogs Has Just Been Found in New York City Parks - A toxic blue-green algae that is potentially lethal to dogs has been found in three New York City park ponds.

California Fisherman In Bloody Shark Attack Saved By Pet Pit Bull Named Darby - James White's pet pit bull Darby jumped right into action when he heard his owner's cries for help as a shark's teeth sank deep into the flesh of the fisherman's leg.

'Chonky kitty': 26-pound cat headed to forever home thanks to viral success - A 'chonky' cat is headed to his forever home thanks to a now-viral tweet that launched him into the hearts of many all around the internet.

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