Pet News Roundup: September 26, 2019

Pet News Roundup: September 26, 2019

by Scritch

Take a look at the latest dog and cat news for this week, including hot topics, pet food recalls, and fun reads.


Stray Followed Woman Everywhere On Vacation, So Now She’s Taking Her Home! - A woman came across many stray dogs on the beach in Turkey, but one in particular stood out to her.

Your Cat Does Love You! New Study Finds Cats Form Attachment Bonds With Their Owners - While dogs typically come to mind when we think of human-animal attachments, research published in the journal Current Biology by researchers at Oregon State University found that while cats may not show it, they are able to form attachments with their owners.

Man moves into shelter to help dog get adopted - Kansas resident moved into a shelter to help a loving dog get adopted.

A homeless man was reunited with his lost dog and the video is a real tearjerker - In a video from Memphis Animal Services, Bobo bounds into Rogers' arms, his tail wagging furiously.

Rescued dog has 9 pounds of matted hair removed from 11-pound body: 'She seems like a whole new dog' - One 11-pound Shih Tzu had 9 pounds of matted hair removed from her tiny body after being rescued by the Nebraska Humane Society (NHS).

Cat owners share personality traits with their cats, study shows - The research, published in Plos One , found that more emotionally stable owners tend to have happier and better behaved cats.

Cat survives 15-mile Las Vegas commute in car’s bumper - An unwitting stowaway stray was lucky to escape with at least one of its nine lives after a 15.5-mile freeway hitchhike.

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