Love Doesn’t Have to Cost a Thing: 4 Ways to Show Your Pet Love

Love Doesn’t Have to Cost a Thing: 4 Ways to Show Your Pet Love

by Scritch

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the ones we love, and that most certainly includes our furry friends. It’s fun to buy them toys and treats galore, but pets don’t care how much money we spend on them, and showing love to our pets doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether you’re looking to make pet-friendly Valentine’s Day plans or just want some inspiration for new ideas to spoil your pet, here are some inexpensive ways to show your pet some love. 

Bake homemade treats

Most pets would gladly play the role of taste tester for a new treat. Fortunately many of these recipes are made from ingredients you probably already have at home. 

Make a toy

Entertaining your pet can be as simple as pulling a cardboard box out of the recycle bin. But if your crafting skills are slightly more advanced, you can get to making a simple toy for your pet. 

  • Puzzle toy: Take an empty toilet paper tube and pinch the ends together. Fill it with some treats or kibble and pinch the other end closed, then offer to your pet.
  • Tug rope: Using scissors, cut an old t-shirt into strips and braid them into a rope, then tie the ends. 
  • Flirt pole: Find a sturdy stick from outside or use an old broomstick or PVC pipe for this toy. Tie string to the stick, then tie the other end to a ball or toy to dangle in front of your pet.

Play a game

There’s nothing your pet loves more than quality time with their favorite person (you). Though it may seem like they love to snooze all the time, dogs and cats can get bored too, and they benefit from regular mental stimulation. Try one of these activities to put your furry friend’s brain to work.

  • Hide and seek: hide your pet’s toys (or yourself!) for them to find
  • Stuff food or treats into a puzzle toy
  • Practice learning a new trick
  • Play fetch or have them chase a laser pointer

Give them scritches

One of the easiest (and our personal favorite) ways of showing love to a pet is by giving scritches. Do you know where your pet’s favorite scritch spot is? Learn how to scritch your dog or cat like a pro with these fun infographics.

What’s your favorite free way to show your pet you love them?