Weimaraner | Dog Breed Guide

Weimaraner | Dog Breed Guide

by Scritch

Trainable family favorites, Weimaraners are a popular choice for active people who want an outdoorsy dog.

Weight – Female: 55-75 pounds; Male: 70-90 pounds

Height – Female: 23-25 inches; Male: 25-27 inches

Life Expectancy: 10-13 years

Group: Sporting group

Temperament: Energetic, friendly

Energy Level:

Ease of Training:

Grooming Requirements:

History and Personality

Hikers and trail blazers are the best type of owners for these active sporting dogs. Weimaraners require training and exercise to flex their hunting personalities in productive ways. These slick grey dogs are mostly solid colored and silvery, an appearance that is striking and gives them a distinct profile. This beauty is fairly low maintenance regarding grooming, another plus for an active breed.

As a fairly new dog type, Weimaraner history traces to Weimar Germany where they ran side by side with noblemen. This hunting instinct is potent, so Weimaraners are best suited to be around only bigger dogs and not with cats. Though they can form a pack with larger dogs, small creatures aren’t a fit in general, so stick to big friends only. 

Kids of a certain age will be the active pals that Weimaraners need. This is definitely a dog suited for homes with a yard and inhabitants with an active lifestyle. Bored hunting dogs aren’t a match with sedentary owners and require training and engagement to be happy and fulfilled. Despite the commitment, their shiny silver coat and happy demeanor keep them among the most popular breeds. 


Weimaraners need to be brushed and bathed regularly, and their floppy ears need attention to make sure they are dry and fungus free. Be sure to protect paws in salty situations and when things get rocky. 

Energy Level

These dogs were bred to hunt on long trips, and have a whole lot of power in both size and speed. This is why Weimaraners require space and activities, to keep all of that prey instinct satiated with toys and treats instead of boredom and mischief.

Health Concerns

  • Vaccine sensitivity 
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hip dysplasia  

Protect your Weimaraner from common breed problems like hip dysplasia by using respected breeders, and keep any other conditions under control with insurance to offset regular vet visits. Be sure to let your vet know Weimaraners are susceptible to reactions from vaccinations before their shots.