Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?

by Scritch

You’re moving about and taking care of things around the house when you feel a pair of eyes following you. Without looking, you know your cat is watching you, and this is something she does regularly. But why does your cat stare at you? 

There are a number of reasons a cat’s gaze will follow its human. Because cats don’t speak, they rely on nonverbal cues, and staring at you is one way of gathering information. These are the main reasons your cat might be watching you – see if you can figure out your cat’s motive and get a better understanding of what’s going on in her head.


Curious by nature, cats tend to be observant of their surroundings and what’s going on around them. Your cat may be staring at you because she’s bored or simply to watch what you’re doing. After all, to a cat, human behavior can be quite bizarre.

She wants something

A cat might stare because they want something, such as access to another room or a treat. Your cat’s stare could mean that she’s hoping for food, especially when you’re in the kitchen or eating. It shouldn’t be surprising, since your cat knows that you provide the food. 


Your cat may stare at you when she’s seeking comfort. Cats depend on their humans for all of their needs, so your kitty is likely to turn to you first when she feels anxious, stressed or confused and doesn’t know how to react.

Hunting instincts

Cats are visual hunters, and despite not needing to hunt for food, your cat still has those instincts. Your cat is driven to watch her surroundings for prey, so her eyes may be drawn to you as you move around. Because cats don’t blink as frequently as humans, it may appear that she is staring at you as she watches.

Sign of affection

Perhaps your sweet kitty is watching you simply because she loves you. When a cat stares at you with a soft gaze, especially with the occasional slow blink, it means she feel relaxed and safe. Your loving cat is happy and content. 

Responding to your cat’s stare

Giving your cat attention or food every time she stares at you will make her become more needy and demanding. And though you shouldn’t constantly cater to your kitty, it’s not good to ignore her needs either. By sticking to a routine with playtime and a regular feeding schedule, you can be sure that your cat is content and well fed.

Very rarely, your cat’s stare might mean that something more serious is going on. If she is experiencing anxiety, try to determine the cause and remove any stressors. Cue in to your cat’s body language and behaviors like urinating outside of the litter box for signs of a medical condition.

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